Our wellness packages

Our wellness packages

What is a wellbeing centre  ?
A place away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world where you can replenish your energy either alone, with a partner, or with friends. In this space of relaxation, calm is essential. We welcome guests whore are at least 16 years old, by appointement only.

Our wellness equipment

- A traditionnal sauna

- A Turkish steam bath

- A open air tub

- A fitness room

- A massage room

- A relaxation area
- A sunny patio

- An outdoor shower

Our wellness packages

• Entre-Deux (approx. 2 hours) : steam bath and hot tub. 60,00 €

• Between Heaven and Earth (half day) : steam bath + hot tub + facial + feet massage.  90,00 €

• Frangipaniers (full day) : steam bath or sauna + hot tub + facial + feet massage + traditionnal Thaï massage + free access to the gym. Lunch included.  200,00 €

Our relaxation techniques

Les Frangipaniers invites you to discover energy work such as Nuad Bo Rarn traditional Thai relaxation massage and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). The latter allows you to uproot the weeds that stifle your beautiful primal, emotional forest. This eliminates the many blockages of energy flow, which cause discomfort. We often forget that this flow is as vital as blood circulation.

Price : 60,00 € by Nuad Bo Rarn ou TLE session.

Our accomodation

For your wellness break, Les Frangipaniers welcomes you for a weekend or one week in one of its two independent chambers, each with a private bathroom.

Discover our rooms.